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Welcome to our new blog! This blog was created for you to be able to read and provide feedback for our young writers. Take a look at our various projects we have completed, recent pictures in our gallery, and writing and reading motivation in the resource page. Our young writers would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below the projects. Tita is also continuously looking for exciting projects for the writers, feel free to write to her at pratita@gmail.com with any ideas and/or feedback. Happy Reading! Tita
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Pratita Chusnun

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Andy griffiths replied

One of our members chose to write to Andy Griffiths because she was so captivated with the 13-Story tree house and its sequels. As she said in her letter: “Your story has told me that life is full of crazy things and problems, and in the end, you still have to solve that problem.

we got our first reply!! mo willems wrote to us


our trip to governor's office

For our persuasive writing project, we thought it’d be interesting if not only our loved ones read our letters, but a person with the power to make changes could read it as well. After much discussion, the writers decided to write to our governor, Pak Basuki Rahmat.

persuasive speech

The Page Turners took on the persuasive speech project in April of 2016 as part of Kid’s President’s Make This Year Awesome Challenge.