6. Speech

After several projects of both fiction and non-fiction, I thought it would be best to end the semester with an introduction to speech writing. I wanted the writers to feel the power of the spoken word, as the famous poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Speech is power, speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel”. 

As part of our research, we watched inspiring speeches by kids, including by 10-year old Kid-president on changing the world and ending hunger. I hope the kids have gained more confidence in their public speaking skills and ready to join the next speech competition!

Once our speeches were ready, we made some time to practice in front of our friends, but then had to go straight to recording in the next class. So please forgive us if we are still looking at the text often! Despite the minimum rehearsal, I think everyone still managed to convey their thoughts and opinions on things kids can do to help the world! Please check out the video through a link I will post up shortly. Get ready to be inspired to take the action!



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NYAW - Speech_Page_1
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5. Superhero

We have been waiting for this project for quite some time, since it was our first fiction writing yet! It was a thrill to be able to share some of the best superhero stories I knew and witness the excitement of everybody making their own. We thoroughly studied the 5 elements necessary in a story, and sang along to Flocabulary’s song: “Plot, character, conflict, theme, setting… Yes, these are the five things… That you will be needing… when you’re reading or writing… a short story that’s mad exciting!”



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