Persuasive Speech

The Page Turners took on the persuasive speech project in April of 2016 as part of Kid’s President’s Make This Year Awesome Challenge.

What if we all made it our resolution to make this year awesome for somebody else? Kid President gives 25 ideas. Click on the video to watch Kid President Awesome Year Challenge!

Click on the video to watch our speeches!

Our Trip To Governor’s Office

For our persuasive writing project, we thought it’d be interesting if not only our loved ones read our letters, but a person with the power to make changes could read it as well. After much discussion, the writers decided to write to our governor, Pak Basuki Rahmat. We took on different issues each writer thought was important to them and developed arguments as to why improvement was needed. To our surprise, he replied our letters and invited us to his office! It was an experience that we will never forget, thank you Pak Basuki and Pak Puspla for helping coordinate our visit. Please read our letters to AhokAhok’s reply to us, and our thank you letter!

We Got Our First Reply!! Mo Willems Wrote To Us!!

We are extremely excited! These are some of our writer’s comments:

  • Thalen: “I will never ever forget this! Thank you, Mo Willems!”
  • Yesha: “He took a portion of his time that he could have used to do things that were maybe more important, but instead he took the the time to reply Thalen’s letter, it means it was important!”
  • Jehan: “I could never imagine that people from far away places can reply something we wrote!”
  • Adhi: “Life can have lots of questions, like when is Mo Willem’s coming back to Jakarta. I would like to meet him in person!”

Don’t stop believing that your voices matter and will be heard, so use it well!

Andy griffiths replied

One of our members chose to write to Andy Griffiths because she was so captivated with the 13-Story tree house and its sequels. As she said in her letter: “Your story has told me that life is full of crazy things and problems, and in the end, you still have to solve that problem. All of that tells me to have to think imaginatively and don’t give up in solving the problems I have with my friends and sisters. Also, your stories show me that craziness and problems will appear everywhere in life, but you can make it into an interesting story and twist it up a little bit.”

We were so thrilled to receive a reply because truthfully these was one of the harder addresses to find. We not only got a handwritten letter, but also his new book! Thank you so Mr Andy Griffiths, Mr Terry Denton, dan Ms Jill Griffiths!

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