2. Career Choices

In our second project, we looked into the many possible professions and tried  to take a deeper look into the careers that we aspired to be. Initially, our writing intended to take the form of expository writing, informing readers of  the tasks, job descriptions, and the challenges of the chosen profession. However, along the way, the essays also contained ideas an opinions, convincing the  readers why the writer would be a spectacular painter, actor/director, architect,  doctor, fashion designer,  author, and YouTuber! We also know that whatever  career we choose later, being  able to write well will always be  a valuable skill. Here are our  writers at work!

Please click on the picture to read our members work. We hope you will enjoy reading our work and leave your comments below the pictures!

Career Choices

2-Career Choices Oct 2016_Page_01

2-Career Choices Oct 2016_Page_01
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