3A. Persuasive Letters

Our last project of this semester introduced us to persuasive writing, a non-fiction writing intended to convince the reader of an opinion, belief, or idea. We thought it’d be interesting if on this project, not only our loved ones read it, but a person with the power to make changes could read it as well. This was personally my favorite project because I had the opportunity to share letters from kids around the world that have made a difference, and being able to empower the kids that their writing matters! Although the basic writing process always remains the same, each step can be accomplished through many different ways. So this time, we tried different approaches to our brainstorming, outlining, and revision/editing. Here’s a quick snapshot! We sent the signed and decorated letters today, hopefully Pak Ahok can read them on his end of the year break! 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading these letters and please share your feedback to the kids, they’d love to hear your support and enthusiasm!

Please click on the picture to read our members work. We hope you will enjoy reading our work and leave your comments below the pictures!

3A. Persuasive Letters

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