9. Letters To Authors

Our club is not only a writing club, but also a reading club, where every week we take home books to read and discuss together. We often take home different books from 1 author, and then have an author study to
learn more about the author and his/her motivations for writing. Having already read work from many different authors, we thought it would be a great idea to write to our favorite authors so far.

Letters To Authors

PT Letters To Authors_Page_01

PT Letters To Authors_Page_01
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One thought on “9. Letters To Authors

  1. Hello Adhi, Azkalia, Kyrannika, Rasyid, Sarayesha and Terraputra! You guys are wonderful writers. Those letters to authors are probably one of the most sincere letters I’ve ever read. Please keep writing 😉

    PS : i love your drawings, especially the penguin!!

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