The 78-Storey Treehouse

Reviewed by: Kyrannika Legithaputri Windarwo

All kids love treehouses, right? Well imagine how awesome a 13-storey treehouse is! Andy and Terry started their treehouse from a 13-storey treehouse, and every new book adds on another 13-stories (chapters). The latest book in this series is The 78-Storey Treehouse, and the story is the best yet.

The intro starts like an any other Treehouse series, where Andy and Terry will introduce themselves and the rooms they have in their treehouse. I love how the conflict came really fast, right after the intro, and truly fascinated by how the author can make the conflict go on for so long in the story. In the 78-Storey Treehouse, a director comes to the treehouse to make a movie about Terry and Andy’s life. Unfortunately, Andy was not allowed to be in the movie and he was replaced by a ribbon. Everything that Andy does that day goes wrong and he eventually got accused because he has been making a lot of mess that day by Mr.Bigshot, aka the director. He told Mr.Bigshot that there were cows spying the treehouse, is that true? Did Mr.Bigshot believe him? You have to find out for yourself.  The story is crazy exciting!

My favourite quote in the book is: “You say its about you, but all you’re really doing is going on and on about Terry. I don’t mean to be rude, but it isn’t very nice… and it’s a little bit boring” when Andy was writing bad stuff about Terry in his stories. When you don’t like someone, writing bad things about them won’t help solve your problems, you just collect hatred instead.

This book is an example of not giving up on your dreams, although things don’t go your way. Reading this made me wonder how I can make my own story and make my imagination go as wild as a tiger. I also love the wonderful illustrations that are just so detailed, meaningful, and funny at the same time! I recommend this book to people who have crazy personalities and imaginations.


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