The Wizard’s Wand

Reviewed by: Terraputra Khatulistiwa

Do you believe in dragons, witches, and other fantastical creatures? If you do, start reading ‘The Kingdom of Fantasy’!! Before you know it, hours and hours has gone by as you read the whole series!! The main character is Geronimo Stilton, he is the publisher of the Rodent’s Gazette and a bestselling author, but he becomes Sir Geronimo of Stilton, a brave and fearless knight (even though he originally was a very scaredy-mouse). There are also Queen Blossom, the ruler of The Kingdom of Fantasy, and Scribblehopper, Geronimo’s official guide of the kingdom of fantasy.

In the 10th book of the series, he has to face his fears and save the kingdom from being ruined by the witches. In the process, he will have to collect 3 magical and very precious things. Will he succeed? And most importantly, can he survive? If you want to know more, then read it, because I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!

This is a great book about courage, friendship, and compassion. The illustrations are out of this world and it really goes along well with the narration. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Reading this book made me wonder if I could save the world by facing my fears or have a wonderful dream like Geronimo. Although it was slightly shorter than I wanted, I would recommend this book for elementary children and fantasy world lovers. So go start reading it!

Favorite quote from the series:

“A sincere heart is feathery light. A heart that lies is heavy and tight.”

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