Tom Gates Super Good Skills (Almost…)

Reviewed by: Rasyid Vinusena Sumin

Do you like caramel wafers? Do you have a band? If you do then change your name to Tom Gates! Just kidding! But really you should read Tom gates! The series centers on these characters: Tom Gates (of course), Marcus: a show off and Mr. know it all, Amy Porter: the smart and pretty one, Derek: Tom’s best friend and plays the piano in the band, Norman: the band drummer, Delia: Tom’s annoying and grumpy sister, Mom: Like most moms, and Dad: Like most dads but also a caramel wafer lover. Tom Gates is my favorite character because he is a handsome, cool, awesome lad who has cool super ninja skills. He also has a band named Dog Zombies that was inspired from Dude3 (the best band in the whole wide world!). There are 3 people who are in the band Tom, Derek, and Norman.

In the “Super Good Skills,” Tom is going to have a holiday but he has a lot of homework. When his family gets to the Villa they get a dirty cabin, AND meets Amy porter when he is singing “Let it go.” What could be worse!? What happens next? Find out yourself by reading the book! It’s a story about growing up and friendship. Liz Pichon is one of my favorite authors because her books are funny and fun to read and I will continue recommending her books to my friends. Buy this book instantly, especially for every person that likes caramel wafers!!!!!!

Favorite quote from the series:

“Anger is a cowardly extension of sadness. It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than tell them your hurt.”


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